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Pegasus Project: Integrated engineering processing & materials technologies for the European sector

The PEGASUS project is part of a long line of developments within the automotive industry aimed at decreasing lead times, reducing costs and improving flexibility of manufacturing.

One of the key aims of the project is the creation of an IDEE - Integrated Design and Engineering Environment.

The concept is to bring together the EU SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) into a pool, communicating with each other and customers, and acting as a single supplier. The IDEE platform developed within PEGASUS will facilitate the integration of functions, processes and Materials into a single industrial process.

The goal is to make supply chains shorter and quicker; to combine multiple operations into single operations and to include suppliers in partnership with customers to cut out, for instance, unnecessary re-invention of processes.

  • Programme Call : NMP2-CT-2006
  • Contract No : 026673
  • Project Start Date : 1 September 2006
  • Project End Date : 31 December 2010

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The consortium estimates that the outcome of the project could increase the size of market open the SMEs by up to 30%. Growth in this sector as a result of PEGASUS. could create an estimated 40,000 new jobs for SMEs. [More]

This is an EU Framework 6 Project

The Pegasus Project is supported by funding under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union